Wednesday, April 06, 2011


 ... Or Rachel's Unsolicited Brush With Fascist Amerika.

She can't say it on air, we know, but the sentiment is there, and if you were to ask people who have lived through it, this is a pretty accurate description of what goes on in a police state. Intimidation of workers and media through domestic spying has always been a cornerstone of authoritarian state control. First comes the realization that sends a "chill" up your spine, followed by the big chill recognition that "this is how they roll." Here's Rachel, none too happy to be caught up in the fascisti web:

It brings to mind this great "chilling" scene in All The President's Men in which Robert Redford who plays Bob Woodward meets with the shadowy 'Deep Throat' in a dark underground parking lot, learns the dimensions of the conspiracy, and is told that his life is in danger. The best part of that scene (not shown here) for me is, after Deep Throat slinks into the shadows, Redford hears the screeching of tires, runs out into a bleak, empty D.C. street (it's early morning), surrounded by cold, imposing concrete buildings. He looks all around, fearfully, Then the shot zooms out to show a Google Earth-like picture of a tiny solitary person, and we hear this jarring, reverberating bell sound: BOOM. BOOM. BOOM.

It was a splendid depiction of the dread one feels, the sense of helplessness, when pitted against the power of an intrusive, criminal, police state. Redford appears as a small, ant-like creature that can be crushed at any moment.

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