Friday, April 08, 2011

Extremist Republicans Defanged By Democratic Women

Who would 'a thunk it? Once the Democratic women spoke out, front and center, it appears an agreement has been reached to head off a government shutdown. That is, if the crazies in the House Republican caucus agree to it. Let's face it, on the question of painful budget cuts, the House Republicans WON weeks ago when Mr. President cave-in basically told meek Harry to give them all they wanted sight unseen. Then he had the audacity of cope to come before us and boast about how "painful" these cuts are to Democrats. No shit, Mr. President. It's not as if you were prepared to draw any kind of line in the sand, is it?

That was left up to the Democratic women in the Senate. They marched out there and said, "ENOUGH" we're not going to take the right wing's radical social agenda to defund Title X health services for women — the "Health Services Act," passed in 1970, signed by President Nixon and endorsed by President Bush I — providing a wide range of health screening services for women — mammograms, uterine cancer tests, HIV/AIDS screenings, etc. and so much more — serving three million American women. This is what is at stake at this hour; "subsidized PAP smears." An investment in basic healthcare for women, and truthfully, one that saves hundreds of thousands of abortions by providing birth control, hence averting unwanted pregnancies for young women.

Guess what: Men use Planned Parenthood services, too. No, they're not cruising for chicks; they're getting prostate cancer screenings, also HIV/AIDS tests because that's what can happen — besides pregnancy — with unprotected sex. For those of you who live in the real world and not with your noses buried in the Holy Book, just imagine how extremely valuable the services provided by Planned Parenthood are. Even if you don't want to know about it, deep down you're still glad it's there.

The Republican MALE's obsession with abortion, the lie that these funds go toward abortion services by Planned Parenthood which would be, prima facie, a legitimate reason to cut its funding is what has driven these radical social engineers of the Right to reach into every woman's bedroom and private health space. In the real world a woman's Constitutional right to privacy in this country, on which legal abortion services are based, is a sham.

So the extremist Republicans would shut down the government to deny millions of women the essential health care provided by Planned Parenthood. Only three percent of what Planned Parenthood does are abortion services. And that is provided through private funding, mostly from the women who need it, not from goverment funds. The Hyde Amendment prohibits it, and if Planned Parenthood ever violated the letter of the Hyde law, these Republican extremists would be all over it, just as they drove ACORN to bankruptcy.

It took a show of force and resolve from the Democratic women to stop these bastards dead in their tracks. Liars like Mike Pence and one lying scumbag who claimed 90 percent of  what Planned Parenthood does are abortion services. These Republicans are despicable, grotesque LIARS. They will stop at nothing to ram their extremist social agenda down our throats. Being the cowards they are, maybe they thought women would be an easy target ... Uh-oh. Bad move. Because the Democratic women, who have mucho más cojones than the men — no offense Harry and Chuck — had had enough of these bastards.

There are a few more acts to this vile play left to act out for the Republicans. Like the bizarre appearance of the Republican wingnut women's caucus that, after a perplexed wife of the late Sonny Bono noted, it's the first time they all met (!), degenerated into chaos when a female reporter wanted to know, what about Planned Parenthood? That really rattled those wingnut women, and they were looking for the exits presto, trying to head for that tall grass. Here is the story and video.

"We really need to get a lot more fight in our game if we're going to defend the programs we care about," said Rep. Anthony Weiner, who is one of the few fighting men on the Democratic side. We shall see what this disgusting "deal" turns out to be. When it hinges on Harry Reid to stand firm and curb the President's enthusiasm to give these bastards everything they want, we're not where we need to be, as Democrats.

But our women are awesome, and they may save us yet.

If not, then it's party time for the Teabaggers! How will this Republican crap shoot end?

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