Monday, March 21, 2011

Tea Party Remedial Education: This Is What Democracy Looks Like!

This is one more object lesson in DEMOCRACY for those pasty-white sclerotic beached whales known as the Teabaggers, bussed in from out of state (Wisconsin) by Koch brothers money to dump on events like these (below) in  which the media milquetoasts actually outnumber the tea cups but are nowhere to be seem in the real outburst of genuine people power exercising their constitutional rights to reddress their government for grievances, or — overthrow the tyrant. And another lesson in DEMOCRACY, Teabaggers: For all the Tea and American jobs flight in China that your selfish, treasonous activities have spurred, there still remains in this country a system of CHECKS AND BALANCES in which ONE JUDGE can STOP a tyrannical OUTLAW governor dead in his tracks. Look up Judge John Sirica, you ignorant farts — know who he is?

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