Thursday, March 24, 2011

Even The Wingnuts Don't Want Any Part of This Hustler ...

I mean, it's not like they don't have the money: Where are the Koch brothers when one of their own is in dire need of their financial support? Koch brothers —> $12 million —> Tea Party —> (measly) $500 —> James O'Keefe. Is that how it works? How about Andrew Breitbart; isn't he chummy with O'Keefe? Breitbart practically took him under his wing, and now he's throwing O'Keefe under the bus ... just because the wingnut pimp wants 50 grand to pay off his credit card? How about Limbaugh the Pigman, leader of the radical right GOP (he's a millionaire, what's $50,000 to him) ... or Glenn Beck, multimillionaire ... Pfft, really just a drop in the bucket for him, or Rupert Murdoch? Bill-O'Reilly The Clown, maybe? Greta! Hannity — hmm, he's big on charity even if it's to line his pockets instead of donating to any veterans that may need help.

C'mon guys! Where's the love? You've all used the wingnut runt's amateurish video hit jobs. Even the toe-sucking fetishist with the creepy girly voice could probably come up with the cash from his fetish specialty hookers fund. Here's an idea: Why not hit Tucker Swanson Carlson up for the money? He's good for it, I'm sure. I'm told he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Just hired a Supreme Court Justice's wife to expand the Court's conflicts of interest in a Rightwingville political porn rag. Hmm ... but I must have missed O'Keefe's fundraising plea in the Daily Caller. Strange.

Didn't catch DC story of union member Tucker bashing teachers on Fox, either. The DC wingnut frat kiddies usually like to promote their boss with a big suck-up brown-nosing piece every time he shows up in the MSM. But nothing except Big Eddie's take(down) on it. Strange.

I wonder if any of the frat house wingnuts at the Daily Caller took up Big Eddie's challenge to do a write-up defending their boss, or go on the Ed Show to defend him in person? I think they might be shakin' in their boots skeert of Big Eddie ... Here's Big Eddie's Takedown of Tucker Swanson Carlson and his casual LIES (it's a prerequisite for working at the Daily Caller, which isn't a burden for wingnuts for whom lying comes naturally, then compulsively) — once they start, they can't stop:

I only hope O'Keefe the wingnut hustler, who's seemingly been disowned by the Big Hitters in Rightwingville, doesn't hit on our buddy Jim "the Digger" Treacher for the money. The trusting Treach has already been burned by the dude. But I can't seem to find the story on the DC site. You would think ... O'Keefe being one of their own and all ... Maybe they're all shakin' in their bootsies it was a GLENN BECK SITE spelling Media Matters that did the debunking of O'Keefe this time. Whoops!

Even for truth-challenged Rightwingville, that's hitting a new low in O'Keefe's cred.

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