Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Radiation From Japan Reaches Our Shores. YAY!

Tell me I'm wrong, but it seems the consensus from "experts" about radiation from Japan reaching our shores is that it would be diluted at sea before any radiation ever made its way to our Pacific coastline. Many said CATEGORICALLY (which is a dishonest position to take) that there is no cause for concern. Now we have this report from the AP:
State Department of Health officials say they have detected trace levels of radiation in Washington from Japan's damaged nuclear reactors.

Monday's announcement says that the "minuscule" amounts of radioactive iodine are millions of times lower than levels that would raise health concerns. Officials say that despite the new readings, overall radiation levels in the state have not risen.

The department reported that reading levels by the state are on par with federal and Canadian measurements. The radiation from Japan's crippled nuclear reactors is not reaching Washington in high levels because of the distance and air mixing.
Worse yet for the people of Japan, even with electric power restored, those crippled reactors have not been brought under control. There was more release of radioactive clouds from two of the reactors. As expected, the radiation in the afflicted area has entered the food chain, milk and vegetables. As for the low-level radiation detected in Washington, one can only imagine how severely marine life between Japan and the United States is impacted.

I still think investment in radiation detection devices, like geiger counters, as well as in iodine pills, is a prudent measure for anyone in the direct path of this spreading radiation. This is an open-ended crisis with no end in sight. But then, I'm not an "expert." New, disturbing revelations just keep popping up every other day. As long as  the reactors are not stabilized, radiation release will continue. The amount released, in measurable terms, still remains somewhat of a mystery. The low-level radioactive dust apparently did not need the Jet Stream to be carried in the winds all the way to Seattle.

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