Friday, March 18, 2011

Dr. Michio Kaku Raises Entombment Option on Larry-O's Show

Lawrence O'Donnell, who's been on fire ever since Stephanie Miller promised him her sacred honor (coincidence?), had the iconoclastic physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku, on his show. What's great about Dr. Kaku is that he makes science fun and accessible to us regular folks and sci-fi buffs. He's the antidote to stuffy academics whose work is circumscribed by research dollars from one special interest or another. Dr. Kaku is as much at ease on C-Span as he is on Coast-to-Coast taking questions about alien visitations and abductions. And he doesn't smirk or talk down to people who ask him questions from "out there." Which is pretty cool. Dr. Kaku has done as much as anyone to popularize science, and his show on the Science Channel is a whole lotta interactive fun. And, of course, he's brilliant too. Here's Dr. Kaku raising the "Chernobyl Option" on Lawrence's show before Japanese authorities indicated they may have to resort to the "sarcophagus" solution:

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