Sunday, March 13, 2011

100,000 "Whiny Freeloaders" Protest in Wisconsin — RECALL MANIA!

That's what the Pigman called the 100,000 union workers, teachers, nurses, firefighters, students, and farmers driving tractors who descended on Madison, Wisconsin to continue their protest of Gov. Wanker's union-busting law. The Fab Fourteen Democratic state senators who fled to Illinois to deny Wanker the quorum he wanted to ram his bill through returned to a hero's welcome from the people of Wisconsin. They achieved what they had set out to do: slow the process down to give the people time to absorb what it is Wanker was trying to do to them. (Did I misspell his name? I don't think so; he started out trying to screw the people of Wisconsin and ended up screwing himself.)

People are waking up everywhere. Recall petitions for the state Republican senators are well underway. Wanker, who isn't eligible until 2012, is next.
Dozens of fist-pumping farmers drew cheers as they chugged around the Capitol square in tractors bearing signs with messages such as "planting the seeds for a big season of recalls."

Tod Pulvermacher, 33, of Bear Valley, towed a manure spreader carrying a sign that read, "Walker's bill belongs here."

"Farmers are working-class Americans," he said as the crowd cheered. "We work for a living as hard as anybody, and this is about all of us."
 I'd like to see the Pigman call this farmer a "whiny freeloader" to his face:

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