Thursday, February 10, 2011

ZOMBIE AMERICA: The Effect of FOX Propaganda And Indoctrination

This foucs group of Iowa Republicans conducted by the GOP's chief propagandist and Goebbels disciple, "Dr." Frank Luntz — "it's 'Dr.' to YOU," he corrected Hannity ... granted, like Dr. Mengele, Dr. Kissinger, Dr. Death, Dr. Frankenstein ... and on down the line —preening proudly as his pupils robotically repeat the LIES he's been feeding them: "Obama is a Muslim," "Obama's religion is liberalism," "Obama is not proud of America," "Obama is making excuses for America" — the most disgusting, ignorant, CRUDE fearmongering from the crazy, discredited wingnut rumor mill.

The profound IGNORANCE of a large portion of the American electorate, as displayed by this focus group, is hard to believe. It's total, complete brainwashing. Not even a factual reading of history can turn people like this around. It's simply astonishing:

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