Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Keith Unchained And Unleashed!

Keith Olbermann has found a new home in the small (is non-corporatist = is beautiful) Current TV hosting a one-hour primetime show and as its "chief news officer." As David Schuster (formerly of, Marbles-Mouth conglomerate) said, MSNBC dropped the ball on this one and is looking pretty foolish right now. Keith is unchained from his mega-corporatist bonds and unleashed to go after the BAD GUYS, the PSYCHO TALKERS, the 'Marbles-Mouth' CORPORATE MSM from the perfect perch: anchoring and managing the news content of a small, INDEPENDENT media outlet with unlimited room to grow, going against the ginormous mega-corporate monoliths.


Poor Jeff who, appropriately enough, has the Pigman beat, says the drugster speculates Olbermann is being paid "in carbon credits"... a weak jab at Al Gore, Chairman of Current TV. Better carbon credits than Oxycontin, ya think? I miss Ruthie too; she must be thrilled! Ruthie, you should properly thank Keith for giving you a job ... perhaps send him some flowers on Valentine's Day? (We know you have a thing for him.)

Speaking to the question of whether Keith would be able to donate to political candidates, Al Gore made it clear that his position is the ANTI-mega-corporatist-Marbles-Mouth:
"The answer is yes. We believe at Current that every citizen has freedom of speech, and that freedom of speech includes the ability to donate to candidates of your choice — full disclosure of that is important."

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