Saturday, February 12, 2011

Beck to Critics: GO TO HELL!

Massive fluctuations detected in the Beck’s Brain force field.

It appears Glenn Beck is on a path of regression back to the womb with increasingly bizarre and childish rants. It all started after Beck was scolded by elders of the conservative movement, who commanded him to tone down his lunacy and (privately) to seek professional psychiatric help.

We do what we can, but owning Beck's brain is a thankless task. There's no reason not to have a little fun with it, though. Our aim is to let Beck dangle, pull him back, dangle, pull him back, and when we're finally bored with him, let go and walk away as Beck flips over the edge ...

Back on January 22 I wrote a piece about Keith Olbermann’s departure in which I used a nice bit of imagery (if I may say so, myself) to describe Ed Schultz: “Big Eddie is an authentic voice. He muscled his way in like a trade union organizer in corporate enemy territory, planted his flag, and built his audience without help, often at cross-purposes with The Man upstairs.”

Then, a couple of weeks later, Glenn Beck starts repeating, dramatically, “I planted my flag” to describe what he wants us to believe is his unique, courageous and prophetic stance against his critics — this weasely little punk has cast himself as the prophet of the lazy, uninformed, ignorant "low-information voter" (because it takes one to know one). Then he shows up in a costume suspiciously similar of  this blog’s caricature of him.

Everything Beck says, every utterance to come out of his mouth, can be traced to outside sources like this blog, because we own Beck's brain, or to the wingnut lunatic fringe (there is such a place and Glenn Beck occupies it), far far right, fascist, paranoid black helicopter universe. Nothing Glenn Beck says is original. Just Google anything he says, and you’ll see it originates someplace else. Much of his perverted ideology is taken from Robert Welch, founder of the radical right John Birch Society, literally word-for-word.

Glenn Beck is a SERIAL PLAGIARIST. (Beck even borrows a perceived Siciliano obscene hand gesture from Antonin Scalia! Read about it here.)

Then again, we could have planted the suggestion in Beck’s crummy, fecal brain. Considering the fact that wingnuts have little or no imagination, it's inevitable that stuff we say will keep cropping up in Glenn Beck's material. Following is PORN FROM BECK. Favorite Beck false analogy: "You are witnessing the Archduke Ferdinand moment, which led to transformative change called World War I; you are watching the beginning and the birth of the New World Order."

Well, for starters, the Archduke Ferdinand "moment" was the ASSASSINATION of the Austrian Archduke, which triggered the outbreak of war. The Egyptian Revolution is peaceful; the palace coup which forced Mubarak's resignation was peaceful; the transfer of power to Egypt's army, whose officer corps was trained in the U.S., was peaceful. Beck makes another ludicrous analogy to the French Revolution with its executions by guillotine. Again, wishful thinking on his part: The Egyptian Revolution has been largely peaceful.

But why should we take anything Glenn Beck says even half-assed seriously?
Anyway ...

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