Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tea Party Remedial Education: Your Hypocrisy Dollars At Work!

As they all lined to cast their votes to repeal a healthcare reform law that is literally growing in popularity by the day with the American people, GOP lawmakers destroyers who had campaigned on a red-meat-to-the-base pledge of repealing healthcare, are making like those Teabaggers who blare REPEAL! on one side of their signs and HANDS OFF MY MEDICARE! on the other. Even the Okie-Arkansas press read by phobic Sharia law's comin' t'git me, God-fearin', (s'long as He's the Christian God), Teabaggin' constituents of Sen. Tom Coburn, smell a rat … Oh my.

Is HYPOCRISY an acquired fault, or is one born with it, depending on the brain's size and development? It seems the more conservative-to-wingnut one is, the more susceptible to the HYPOCRISY bug and the more prone to LYING, too! So much so, that after your 19th LIE in a row an epiphany of sorts occurs: Either you experience a complete NERVOUS BREAKDOWN or you move on to the next level: the total inability to distinguish FACT from FICTION and TRUTH from LIE.

Voilá! You have metamorphosed into a snivellin', creepy-crawlin', Teabaggin' bug of a wingnut member of Congress!~

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