Thursday, January 20, 2011

Larry-O's Slow Burn And Sizzlin' Finale

I'm sure this wasn't Lawrence's intention, but Lib radio talker Stephanie Miller's reaction after watching this segment was that she'd make an exception for him, while a female caller raved that Larry-O was "hot." Lawrence's outbursts are epic, and quite a sight when directed at the bad guys. Congressman Franks, who reminds me of a character in a zombie movie, isn't only a birther but also one of those conspiracists who believes President Obama is a Muslim. Watch Lawrence slam Franks, after giving him ample opportunity to lay out his absolutely-no-restrictions-on-guns and ammo position:

And here is Rachel's tough act to follow-up, with some context and consensus-building in the wake of the Tucson shooting to reduce the number of bullets in the magazine clips back to 2003 levels, when they held 10 bullets instead of 31:

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