Tuesday, January 18, 2011

President Obama vs. The Teabaggers: Guess Who Wins ...

This is but a small sampling of a much larger Washington Post Poll, which provides a fascinating glimpse into where the "AMERICAN PEOPLE" — that the Republican Party and Teabaggers have falsely claimed as their own — really stand. But the results of this juxtaposition between President Obama and the Tebaggers is simply too rich not to share with an advanced preview.

Get ready, all you lurking Teabaggers out there in DeludedAngryWhitePeopleVille ... Are you sitting down? Okay then, here goes. First the raw polling data in all its splendor, then some post-poll analysis from yours truly.

Regarding President Obama, the Poll question is, do you agree: "He understands the problems of people like you?" It's a simple but profound question, because it goes to the heart of how we view our President. Is he one of us? Or is he some distant "other," an alien person, illegitimate, un-American, someone to be feared as a "socialist," a "communist," a "Muslim," someone akin to Hitler who was scheming to take your precious guns away and the freedom to cling to them, and that lily white fantasy you call your country ("I want my country back!" you bellowed ... Back from whom?) away from people who don't look like you, speak like you, or worship the same God, or no god, that you do?

Well, guess what. After three years (because this "he's not one of us" drumbeat started back before President Obama was elected) of parading your hideous signs showing our President as Hitler, the Joker, a socialist, communist, Muslim, the open gun threats against "Barry" with sick slogans like, "We Came Unarmed (THIS TIME)," the bullying and shouting at town halls, the threats and vandalism against Democratic members of Congress who happened to vote for the President's healthcare and financial reform bills; after all of this

By a resounding margin of 58-40 percent, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE have rendered their verdict: PRESIDENT OBAMA IS ONE OF US.

In this Poll, the Tea Party didn't do so well. For some Teabaggers who are blinded by the hubris of their manufactured Patriot fantasies, this may come as a shock. Those who know their history understand that extremist insurgencies, like Hitler's Nazi Party, never garnered more than 44 percent of the popular vote (the election of 1933, after Hitler had become Chancellor; in all other elections, the Nazi Party polled in the 30s and less). In either case — delusional fantasy v. extremist reality — these figures will be rejected since they don't fit the Tea Party paradigm.

But the numbers don't lie. What they say is that the Tea Party has likely hit its high-water electoral mark in the 2010 midterm elections. Consider these trends: For the first time, a solid majority of Americans, 52-35 percent have an "unfavorable impression" of the Tea Party. In March of 2010, the only period in which the Tea Party had slightly higher favorability ratings, the favorable-unfavorable number was 41-39. That's a HUGE 6% favorable 13% unfavorable NEGATIVE point swing. During this time frame, the number of those with NO OPINION dropped by 7-12 points (including February '10 polling data), from 20-25 to 13 percent.

How's that saying go, familiarity breeds contempt? The more THE AMERICAN PEOPLE come to realize the Tea Party isn't about patriotism, three-point hats, fife-and-drum bands, and dressing up as the Founding Fathers, but dangerous extremism with a simplistic and idealized view of our history, the more they reject the Tea Party. Yes, George Washington did tell a lie or two in his day; he lied frequently to the Continental Congress, trying to get funding for his troops.

In this poll, the President's numbers never dipped below 50 percent. But this latest figure is the best since President Obama posted a 63-35 number barely seven months into his presidency. That was still President Obama's honeymoon period with THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, and the Teabaggers were lying low, cowering in fear of a young, popular African American President, knowing full well they could not attack him until he actually started to govern. And then they pounced, trying to undermine and undo, working through a cynically obstructionist House and Senate GOP, everything this President has achieved.

Well, it's not going to work. Because unlike the promise and hope of those early days, it's been two years of hard times, toil and hardship, and THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are still with this President. They have not abandoned him. They know his HEART and they TRUST him. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are with this President, NAME, BIRTHRIGHT, AND SACRED HONOR.

President Obama is one of us.

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