Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shock And Awe, Meet ... GROPED AND GLOW!

So much for making the flying experience a living hell — and the passengers haven't even set foot on the plane — with reduced amenities, seats fit for 98 pound weaklings, delays upon delays. By the time you stumble aboard everyone will be so frazzled that, forget terrorism, passenger rage might break out. Have the Einsteins at TSA and Homeland Security considered this before investing millions in cancer-causing day-glo full body x-ray scanning machines?

The REAL experts, from El Al's chief of security to hero Captain 'Sully' Sullenberger agree that the flying public is NOT served by these draconian, intrusive, and untested high tech devices that constitute a dangerous health hazard. Machines are no substitute for highly trained security officers who interview all passengers in a thorough but open and corteous manner while they're waiting in line. With its perfect (knock on wood) anti-terror safety record, you'd think Israeli El Al Airlines would be consulted regarding best practices when it comes to ensuring the security of the flying public in a way that does not compromise efficiency or anger the passengers.

But noooooooo. There's a new battle cry in the air: "Don't Mess With My JUNK!"

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