Monday, November 15, 2010

Justice Dept. Report Says CIA Helped Nazis Get Safe Haven in The U.S.


This “revelation” is likely to generate a whole lot of guffaws South of the border from millions of people who have had a cozy and unpleasantly intimate relationship with the CIA. One typical anecdote has CIA officials in 1954 debating whether to deny any Nazi affiliation of the Nazi they were sponsoring, Otto Von Bolschwing, or “explain it away on the basis of extenuating circumstances.” Von Bolschwing was an  associate of Adolf Eichmann, known as the “architect of the Holocaust.

The news is not that there’s anything new here, but that the Justice Department was dragged kicking and screaming into disclosing this report, after it had been squelched by the Bush regime, and then only under threat of a lawsuit.

The American Dream with a twist: White picket fence, upward mobility, guaranteed job, swastikas, and fond remembrances of Mein Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler.

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