Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dim Bulb Joe Barton Must Read This Blog: Declares Healthcare Is "My Alamo"

That's strange, because I recall having evoked the nightmarish Alamo metaphor to describe Glenn Beck's losing battle against our mind probes, before we gained control of his brain:
We were at the gates! Then inside! GlennDavy Beck Crockett retreated screaming to the inner sanctum of  his Alamo. But it was a rearguard action. The vast leftwing progressive assault of General√≠ssimo SantSorosAnna Aliena overran the final redoubt of Glenn Beck’s diseased brain. ZAP. Ahhh … relief. Was it real or was it Zanax?
Hmm ... It must be a low-frequency outlier; let's face it, Joe Barton is not the brightest bulb in the insane asylum:
"One of Crockett's sayings is 'be sure you're right, then go ahead," Barton said at the Heritage Halfway House. "The right thing to do is repeal this bill...and we're gonna do it."
Yup. Like this, for example. A textbook example of Crockett's saying! Here's our modern-day Davy Crockett's stupendous expression of valor:

And here's Davy singing one of his signature songs, Ballad of The Illegal Immigrant: "In the land of the stranger, I rise or I fall." Crockett, played by the late, great Fess Parker, sounds more respectful than the Jan Brewers and "Minutemen" bullies of today, not to speak of ambiguous and fatalistic.

Of course, Joe Barton isn't anything like Davy Crockett; he's a pathetic old fool who couldn't find his way around the general store without the assistance of a 12-year-old.  If he did, he'd find out like I did the other day that you can get a package of three of those "squiggly, pig-tail things" for $6.99. And now he's vying to be the next chairman of the House Energy Committee. If they weren't so backward, so destructive, so ignorant, so anti-science, these Republicans would be comical. But they have the power to pass destructive laws. So, those of you who stayed home and didn't vote, I hope you're satisfied; you'll surely get the government you deserve.

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