Friday, October 01, 2010

Weepy Rhambo Bids Adieu, And He’s Headed THIS WAY… Aaargh!

Those are croc tears of guilt …Love is never having to say you’re sorry, right you fucking jackass?!?

After alienating the base — calling progressives “fucking retards” (“fools,” said a conflicted Chris Matthews) — with unhinged expletive-laden mindless energy that so impressed Jonathan Alter he dedicated a whole chapter of his book to Emanuel (waxing poetic about his dubious political prowess), Rhambo breaks the D.C. “bubble” camp (before he’s possibly tar-and-feathered) and takes his one-man traveling circus north to Chicago. Lovely. I mean, fucking lovely.

Rhambo’s timing is impeccable. Who knows what the fallout will be on November 3 — my prediction, oft repeated here, is Democrats retain control of both House and Senate — but whatever the result, it will have the imprimatur of the Rham Emanuelization of the Democratic Party. Emanuel took the brilliant 50-state strategy conceived by Howard Dean and made a royal, Clintonian triangulation, mess of it. Totally screwed it up to the point that the DINO/Blue Dog candidates recruited by Emanuel are not only endangered species, but contributed mightily to the near-destruction of the President’s failed promise of a truly progressive agenda.

Rhambo wants to run for mayor of Chicago. With Congressman Luis Gutierrez ready to throw his hat into the ring, it shapes up to be a battle of the big-mouth featherweights. (Political heavyweights.) At least it should be an easy rhetorical transition for Mayor Richard Daley. As a parting gift, Rhambo got a dead fish from fellow Chicagoan Austan Goolsbee.

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