Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NAPOLEON Jim DeMint Previews TEA PARTY Senate … YAY!

Jim DeMint has had Napoleonic delusions over and above the obnoxious behavior of ALL Republicans in the Senate plus mutualist (as in “mutual life…” or “mutual health...” — antonym of independent) Traitor Joe Lieberman and fellow corporate lapdogs Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln, DINOs Rham Emanuel loves to rub in progressives’ faces. Considering the company kept by the junior senator from North Carolina, being grandiose and presumptuous enough to shut down government is what places him in Gingrich territory.

DeMint’s Napoleonic proclivities manifested when he blocked a continuing resolution in the Senate to keep the government running through early December. The last time such a stunt was pulled by Newt Gingrich in the 90s, it cost the taxpayers $800 million and Gingrich his job as House Speaker. The latter result was a good thing, but the people shouldn’t have to fork out millions in government services to have radical government-hating Republicans thrown out.  

The Scully FBI character on NBC’s The Event — an aliens among us theme, which could be a metaphor for the Tea Party if not for the aliens being a highly intelligent advanced civilization — could have been describing DeMint:
“Narcissistic delusion is common in any number of psychiatric delusions. Based on your file I pegged you as just a run-of-the-mill sociopath but now I’m leaning more towards paranoid schizophrenic with a strong persecution complex.”
DeMint is the self-appointed de facto (so far) minority leader of the Senate, like Napoleon who decided to appoint himself leader of France and went on a destructive rampage up and down the European continent. DeMint’s battleground is the political American landscape, which is both virtual and real. DeMint’s claim to unelected peer power is that just about every Tea Party candidate he’s endorsed won the Republican primaries, setting up a battle royal for  “the heart and soul” of the Republican Party, as old conservative hand Richard Viguerie noted. DeMint is betting it will be hard right, extremist, ideological, racist and dogmatic, with purity tests as white as the high-grade cocaine Glenn Beck admits to having snorted.
“This is really, really, really, really, really, really bad,” one Senate staffer told the Washington Post. “In a precedent-setting institution like the U-S Senate, letting one person anoint themselves king is not a good idea.”
Not king, NAPOLEON. Senator DeMint is acting out the Republican Party’s own private Waterloo. He has already said he’d rather lose with wingnut Christine O’Donnell than win with moderate Mike Castle in Delaware: “I’m not interested in political ideology or party right now. We need people up here to understand we’ve got to get back to limited government, and we can’t afford to have other Republicans who don’t get that message.” And that message is? Right wing ideology. To be exact, right wing ideological purity, a wingnut litmus test that would exclude any Republican of Mike Castle’s moderate-to-conservative views.

If the hat fits … DeMint is setting up the Republican Party’s Waterloo, with him as Napoleonic leader of the Tea Party. The figurehead Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, is too skeert of the teabaggers to say anything. Of course, history tells us that Napoleon was decisively defeated at Waterloo by the Duke of Wellington. From where will DeMint lead his fractious forces: The Island of Saint Helena?

Reading your history is like eating your vegetables: It’s good for you.

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