Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More MSNBC Cutting Edge Journalism, Part Deux

Seen on MSNBC:

Tamron Hall is so hapless, she can't even get the results of their own poll right! Said the newsreader:

 “The most popular Democrat is Bill Clinton,” according to our WSJ/NBC poll. WRONG, TAMRON!

The poll clearly states that Bill Clinton is the most popular POLITICIAN in the country, regardless of  party, with a 55% popularity rating. Second is Barack Obama, with 47%. The closest Republican is Sarah Palin, with a miserable 30%, in third.

Tamron. Tamron. Do you need eyeglasses, or is this a deliberate misrepresentation? It's not the first time Tamron pulls a fast one. So it's a deliberate distortion/misrepresentation from MSNBC's crummy excuse for news. The caption — Most Popular Democrat — reiterated the deception.

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Also, the immature Norah O'Donnell doubled down on her unprofessionalism after being criticized here for uttering the Republican/Tea Party pejorative "Obamacare" for the new healthcare bill. Just 24 hours later, Norah repeated it a gazillion times (four or five) before Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, slapped her down with a wry smile:

 “You’re playing into Republicans’ hands by calling it 'Obamacare'.” Ya think?

Which brings us to Dylan Ratigan. why is Dylan Ratigan distorting the truth with a focus on lobbyists without highlighting how Republicans are the ones most beholden to the corporations, or that the Citizens United decision favors Republicans by 6-1, or that the Chamber of Commerce and his evil six corporations are pumping money into electing Republicans, or that for Democrats to pass anything it requires a 60-vote supermajority, which is why it took them one year to pass a small business jobs bill with the help of a retiring Republican, or that the Republicans just voted down a bill sponsored by my Senator, Dick Durbin, a great public servant, to close tax loopholes for corporations shipping jobs overseas and give tax breaks for those creating jobs in America, while Ratigan was traipsing about a jobs fair, demagoguing the issue as he masks his real agenda — a nihilistic prescription of Randian libertarian BS that never saw practical application in history?

When Ratigan starts generalizing about government, and calling all politicians crooks, where are the specifics? Is Dick Durbin a crook? How about the 53 to 59 politicians who voted against Republican filibusters? Are they crooks? No, they are not; and for Ratigan to suggest there's no difference in the vast venality of Republicans compared to Democrats is to vastly distort the truth to suit his idiotic brand of nihilistic conservatism minus the "social stuff." Ratigan distorts the truth more than anyone else on MSNBC, trying to fit his "none of the above" square peg into a round hole. Why do they keep him around?

Note to Cenk: Take a chill pill, pal.

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Bmac said...

Hi Carlos,

I came across your this post today & wanted to say thanks for pointing out Hall’s mishap, I was wondering how many other people would notice that!

I also wanted to share a video with you I thought you might appreciate from The video is a combination of clips & quotes from various news outlets that summarizes the poll results. I’m proud to say that we correctly reported that Bill Clinton is the most popular politician, not democrat, according to the poll. I hope that you will consider embedding or linking to our video on your blog, and that at very least it will reassure you that not all hope is lost for quality journalism in today’s world... gathers information from various news outlets, and puts it together to provide multiple views of news stories. analyzes the information, with the goal of providing a diverse perspective of the story to those that might normally receive their news from a single source.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me.

Brittany McIntyre