Saturday, September 25, 2010

SICKO Teabagger Sharron Angle Comes Out Against Children With Autism

Whenever I see one of this callous, heartless woman's tirades, it's like a mind-melt — I draw a blank. Sharron Angle is so utterly despicable, so loathsome, so frigid, that I have a hard time imagining such people actually existing in civilized society.

Here's what you can do with your IN-surance, Sharron: Take advantage (for your sake and ours) of your policy's mental health coverage; you could be in urgent need of anti-psychotic meds. THEN, you can fold up your IN-surance and put it where the sun don't shine.

Now I'll share what some others had to say about this:

“Nevada US Senate candidate Sharron Angle has used some exceedingly crass and callous rhetoric while articulating her extreme and dangerous agenda, but none is as malevolent and compassionless as the newly-unearthed comments of her mocking and scapegoating health coverage for those suffering with autism.”

-Talking Points Memo
 “Like most ideologically rigid self-centered people, Angle views her life as completely under her control. She may credit God as the one doing the driving, but she smugly believes that God likes her better than those people who have been dealt shitty hands. Why should she share – even fractionally – in the cost of covering an unplanned pregnancy or autism when God has afflicted other people with these punishments and not her? Rather than thinking “There, but for the grace of God, go I,” Sharron Angle goes through life with an attitude that challenges she hasn’t had to face are other people’s problem.”

- Leanne, Blue Wave News
“Angle might do well to remember that one of her heroes — Jesus of Nazareth — didn’t have leprosy, wasn’t blind and had full use of his limbs, yet was concerned about people who did have those ailments. In fact, he felt it was part of his mission in life to heal them. Yes, it’s a far different situation from the government mandating health-insurance requirements. But there’s a common thread running through both: Human compassion. And there sure as hell shouldn’t be air quotes around that.”

- Nevada blogger Steve Sebelius 

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