Sunday, September 19, 2010

Adventures In TEA PARTY Campaigns: O'Donnell Thugs Get Up Close And Personal at Beck Rally

Here’s the setup: Christine O’Donnell and staff are on the Mall at the Glenn Beck rally, held on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s speech, reportedly shooting a campaign commercial. Two people described as “citizen journalists” start filming O’Donnell. She is seen briefly at the start of the video on the left, and heard speaking off-camera. The following video is described as: “Christine O'Donnell's supporters and staff do not approve of citizen journalists filming the “Citizen Politician”…” This is what happens next:

It’s a PUBLIC SPACE, and the O’Donnell staffer, realizing their thuggish behavior is being filmed, offers this lame excuse for it: “Hey, you guys are stalking.” The woman filming them replies: “I’m not stalking anybody. I’m here on the Mall making a video.”

Here’s what I’d like to know: Will Fox News call for an investigation of harassment and intimidation by O’Donnell campaign staffers of citizens exercising their First Amendment rights in a public place?
I seem to recall Fox went ballistic over a 30-second loop video of two black guys from the New Black Panther Party wearing berets and standing outside a polling place in a predominantly black neighborhood in Washington D.C. They were just standing there.

I wonder how those white wingnut limp noodles would react if the citizen journalists filming Christine just happened to be two strapping black guys:

Limp noodle 1: “Hey, I’m gonna check on the beverages and potato salad.”

Limp noodle 2: “Hmm ... I think I’ll join you. Uh ... carry on gentlemen.”

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