Thursday, September 23, 2010

More MSNBC Cutting Edge Journalism

Our erstwhile media buddies, Norah O’Donnell and Luke Russert, were at it again, contributing to the delivery of distorted news by whitewashing the Republican campaign of misinformation. I think Norah got the message; she actually behaved more like a journalist, rather than secret cheerleader for a Republican freak show in Congress that overpriced media newsreaders privately hope for. Keeps ‘em in the ratings and Norah’s  colleagues in the money. Contessa gets a pass; she’s got good instincts, a good BS radar, and talks back more assertively than some others.  I say again: Farm Dylan Ratigan and his show back to C-razyNBC and give Contessa his slot. Your ratings will improve. Believe.

(Plus she’s a lot easier on the eyes than that boffo Ratigan, with that ridiculous mop of curls on his head to match his ridiculous views.)

Credit Norah, she was zipping along, nailing Republican “pledge”-master on the specifics of what parts of the Affordable Health Care Act provisions taking effect today Repuplicans would repeal:
  • Prohibiting denial of coverage for children with preexisting conditions – yes or no?
  • Free preventive care – yes or no?
  • Keeping kids on parents’ coverage until age 26 – yes or no?
And so on. Thumbs-up, Norah.

But then, as Norah brought up Bertha Coombs from (suspected wingnut infestation site) CNBC, she did not correct Coombs for repeating the pejorative term used by wingnuts for the healthcare bill: “Obamacare.” There is no such thing. It is either the healthcare bill or the Affordable Health Act.

For the piéce de résistance, naturally, Norah called on our favorite MSNBC media tool, Luke Russert, to serve up another gem. Asked why so many Americans still believe outrageous myths about the healthcare bill, e.g., it will add to the deficit and includes death panels, Luke replied: “both Republicans and Democrats” blame it on “third party” groups for running an effective campaign of misinformation.

Indeed? That’s like serving up a half-loaf as the whole truth. Yes, powerful corporate Astroturf groups have been blanketing the airwaves with lies and misinformation designed to defeat healthcare reform on behalf of insurance companies and corporate interests. But Republicans have then used these lies as their talking points to reinforce the misinformation. Um Luke, I know you’re busy cultivating GOP sources … but here’s your patrón promoting the “death panels” lie.

There’s still time to wean yourself of bad pseudo-journalism. Repeat after me, Luke. Republicans are L.I.A.R.S. Can you say that? Or have you forgotten it was Mama Grizzly, Michele Bachmann, Chuck Grassley, and your patron saint, John Boehner, who were promoting these lies. And please. Stop insulting our intelligence.

The media’s true patriotism is shown by being a fierce watchdog on behalf of the public over powerful government, specious and corporate interests; not by wearing American flag lapel pins. symbolism is only important for politicians concerned with optics; not for real journalists. The watchdog thing is practically nonexistent. The Luke lapel thing might start a trend in this age of pseudo-journalism.

Norah … better. But still not out of the doghouse. Luke … pffttt.  Be well, indeed.

LASTLY, note to Chris Jansing at MSNBC: (Note to self: Zenlike to avoid getting upset.)

When Republican Congressman Cassidy says tort reform was scored by the nonpartisan CBO as saving $54 billion, the only specific thing he uttered in the entire interview, it's your job to tell him that the CBO scored the healthcare bill as saving $130 billion the first ten years and $1.3 trillion over 20 years while covering 95 percent of  the legal population.

How can you not know this (or not have these facts on hand) and nail these bastards when they start using CBO numbers? it's your job to know the facts and ask the right questions! Remember, when Republicans start using the CBO, “what's good for the goose is good for the gander.”

Do your fucking jobs, dammit!

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