Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gramps McCain Is Embarassing Himself

McCain deserves to lose his easy primary race the way he’s been acting. The once respected war hero is running scared from a challenge by right wing talk radio host nonentity JD Hayworth. Despite being ahead in the polls, having a money advantage, and counting on the Republican star power of Sarah Palin and Scott Brown, Gramps insists, amazingly, he never considered himself a “maverick.” He must think his voters don’t watch Jon Stewart:

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What’s puzzling is, why would he run away from “maverick”? Isn’t his former independent image an asset with the Teabaggers? One can only speculate that some political consultant trying to earn his or her keep convinced Gramps that “maverick” must be code for “alien” or the “other” as in “not one of us.”

This series of uplifting Hayworth ads must have really messed with McCain’s head:

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