Friday, April 16, 2010

Frank Luntz Goes VIRAL as GOP Lemmings Follow Him Over the Cliff

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together! For teetering Republicans who promised to stand with Mitch McConnell in lockstep opposition to financial reform, that tall grass, those hills . . . look pretty inviting. Their timing is impeccable, too, promising to shore up the Wall Street bankers on the very day Goldman Sachs is charged by the SEC with defrauding investors, including Main Street pension funds. The Democrats, for once, were quick to produce an ad connecting the dots between Mitch McConnell, propagandist Frank Luntz, and Wall Street banks that are fiercely opposing financial regulation. And the taxpayers have yet to be made whole for the TARP bailout. These people are shameless.

How long did the lying punk with the bad complexion think he’d get a free pass for his self-promotion for corporate dollars, doing GOP business on the side? The Frank Luntz memos from his group, the (lyin') “Word Doctors,” have finally come back to bite him in the ass. Keep in mind, this little punk with rosacea makes a living telling politicians how to LIE on a grand scale. First it was the LIES about healthcare (hundreds of them), next Luntz is at it again with financial regulatory reform. And the punk is arrogant enough in his perceived ability to manipulate public opinion with lies that he outlines it all in informative memos (look them up -- they're in PDF format.)

This time, the Democrats pushed back against the punk’s toxic games. Republicans are nothing if not robotic. When it comes to repeating the Luntz talking points they march in lockstep. By putting words/LIES in Mitch McConnell’s mouth, Luntz incensed not only Democrats who have been working all year toward regulating derivatives and establishing a financial consumer protection agency, but also Mitch McConnell’s hometown newspaper. It exposed the Republican leader’s dalliances with Wall Street bankers with (for a red state paper) unusual but welcome ferocity:
“McConnell's statements are perfectly calibrated to inflame the public. He insists the bill would “allow endless taxpayer-funded bailouts for big Wall Street banks.” Their resemblance to the truth is another matter.

We have read that the Republicans have a plan for financial reform, but McConnell isn't talking up any solutions, just trashing the other side's ideas with no respect for the truth.

The provision to which McConnell particularly objects creates an orderly process for letting “too big to fail” banks fail, at the industry's expense, without taking down the entire economy.

The losers would be the management and shareholders, not the taxpayers. So onerous would this process be for failing financial institutions, says (Va. Sen.) Warner, that it would serve as a deterrent to reckless decision-making.

The high-stakes gamblers on Wall Street, luxuriating again in big bonuses, don't want any new oversight or regulation. Why would they, knowing that the government would have to bail them out again if their trading of worthless financial instruments goes bust and threatens to bring on the next Great Depression?

McConnell, unabashedly courting Wall Street bankers for political money, is happy to scratch their backs if they'll scratch his.”
You’ve gone to that well once too often, punk. Despite the Luntzes of this world, eventually, yes eventually . . . the truth will out.


Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

If a tree falls in the forest....

....does it make a sound if Mitch McConnell is not there to deny that a sound was made?

Tom Degan

Carlos said...

Maybe if Frank Luntz is there holding up the Mitch McConnell cardboard figure, telling him what to say ...

BTW, Tom, I added your link to our "blogs we like" list. Hope you'll do same for us.:)