Friday, April 16, 2010

Bill-O The CLOWN Head’s Up His Ass -- Again!

It comes as no surprise that Bill-O “the Clown” O’Really is a consistent LIAR. Lying is an essential prerequisite for hosting ANY program at Fox. The problem Boss Murdoch has with Bill-O is YA GOTTA BE GOOD AT IT! Murdoch has been after O’Really’s ass for some time –- it’s one thing to have too many pea brains with oversized egos bouncing off the padded walls at Fox; but when one tries going rogue . . . Aarghh!

It got so that Keith Olbermann had to come to Bill-O’s defense –- where else could he mine so much clownish material?! (See below.) But first, Bill-O’s caught with his head way up his ass and he’s too skeert to accept the video evidence and admit he’s full of shit. Let’s face it, Bill-O, when Neil Cavuto starts putting on “objective journalist” airs to knock you down a peg or two or three or more, you’ve got to be scraping the humiliation bottom of the barrel.

Hmm . . . I smell a catfight brewing at Fox-y. Look out for the Pigman’s pussy cat, Clown-boy. Meeow.

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