Tuesday, February 16, 2010

President Obama's Bikini Chart

This is what U.S. job losses look like in a bar chart format, from December 2007, when the Bush rescession/depression began, to January 2010, roughly one year into the Obama administration recovery (not that the administration has gotten any credit for it at all):

It’s one of those “bikini charts” favored by Rachel Maddow -- a tale of two administrations: One, the failed criminal Bush regime, the other a tremendously challenging economic disaster left for President Obama to clean up. David Plouffe, the President’s political campaign wiz was called back to sharpen the President’s message after they reluctantly acknowledged losing control of it –- about six months too late. Plouffe is getting the word out. Better late than never, but with the Republican hypocrites taking credit for the stimulus (which is working!) after voting against it and trashing it in Congress, it’s high time the White House begins calling them on it.

And David, I know it isn’t your bailiwick, but why hasn’t the Obama administration been all over this story? While the Republicans posture on terrorism, attacking the President’s deputy national security adviser John Brennan (a career terrorism expert), bitching hysterically about the KSM trial, demanding military tribunals despite their dismal success/conviction record compared with Article 3 courts, and trotting out the Dark Lord Dick Cheney from his flaming-hot undisclosed location, this administration's inability to toot its own horn, tout its successes and its competence, is a total puzzler. “The White House refused to comment” is so not the right reaction. Do you only comment on your perceived blunders, not your successes?

To make matters worse, the Dark Lord sneeringly takes credit for the President's success in Iraq and Afghanistan. You guys really need to retool your message and learn to go for the jugular instead of the capillaries. One thing about these Republican cowards is they have weak chins: Hit back hard and they'll go down like a sack of potatos.

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