Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Glimpse at the Lunatic Fringe: More CPAC Lowlites

Some right wingers congratulated themselves after a few CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) audience members booed this homophobe off the stage. As if behaving in a tolerant, nondiscriminatory way is cause for great celebration. Apparently it hasn’t occurred to them that welcoming bigots, racists, xenophobes, nativists, and conspiracists (among other subsets of the lunatic fringe) inevitably invites this behavior.

Conservatives are snarled in their own contradictions. They may claim they’re not anti-gay or racist till they’re blue in the face yet continue to attract that element to their ranks like moths to a light. This year CPAC is sponsored by one of the granddaddies of fringe of the fringe conspiracists, the John Birch Society:

Glenn Beck is tonight’s CPAC keynote speaker. Until their Fuehrer arrives, Rush Limbaugh (last year’s bouncy porcine blob/keynoter) and Beck himself will have to do as placeholders. It seems Jason Mattera didn’t get the Beckster memo when he said:

CPAC should strike up Eric Clapton’s Cocaine when Beck takes the stage.


okbushmans said...

These videos make my head hurt. I'm sure there are those "crazy uncles" of your liberal ideology that you'd rather just keep hidden, but why do my "crazy uncles" on the conservative movement have to get the most play time? Obviously not all conservatives agree with everything that was said. So why do similar principles have to be forgotten when someone speaks "on behalf of all of us on the conservative front", and replaced with one-liners and attempts to be funny. I want to shout to them, "you're not helping the cause!" And I think they know it.

It is very easy to see the faults in those you disagree with or are in a different party, but definitely more important to call out those who might be on the same "side" as you.

I'm done ranting.

Carlos said...

Your "rant" is well taken. It always comes down to the hypocrisy. Believe it or not, Barry Goldwater was one of my favorite conservatives as is Bruce Fein, former Reagan Assistant AG; maybe because he called for the impeachment of GWB for violating the Constitution. We shouldn't paint with a broad brush, although it's temptng. :)