Thursday, February 18, 2010

Deranged Man Crashes Plane into IRS Building; Texas Governor Perry Equates Airport Security to “Tyranny”

Absolutely unbelievable. Texas Governor Rick Perry equates “tyranny” with the federal government’s airport security measures (inconveniencing and annoying, to be sure) to keep the flying public safe from terrorism. And this in response to an anti-IRS/government madman crashing a plane into a building housing the IRS. Here is Governor Perry’s statement:
“I hope we don't turn our capitol into DFW airport or Bush international from the standpoint of security that Texans still, and visitors still have freedom to come and go and don't feel like they're being inappropriately hassled. But the other side of that is we have people's safety. So it is always a battle between anarchy and tyranny always has been.
Inciting anti-government fervor with the “tyranny” Tea Party buzzword after an anti-government lunatic crashes a plane into a building is just about the most irresponsible thing the state’s top elected official can say. After word of Stack’s semi-coherent rant spread through the “patriot” nets, several web pages popped up celebrating his act of violence against the federal government.

For Rick Perry to pander for votes with the anti-government Tea Party types at such a time is shameful. The deranged pilot, Joseph Anthony Stack, was killed and 13 people were injured, two of them critically. Judging by the building's condition, it could have been much worse. The survivors lucked out big-time.

I hope there are enough rational Texas Republicans to vote for conservative Senator Kaye Bailey Hutchison and reject Rick Perry, the Clown. This is one of those elections where issues, on the Republican side, take a back seat. Hutchison passes the rational and responsible adult test.


srbushman said...

Typical politician, take moment of tragedy and use it to make a politicized statement. I agree with Kay being elected, but is that wishful thinking on your part that she will be a Rep. Governor instead of a Rep. Senator?

Carlos said...

You're probably right. She'd beat him in a general, but not in a primary.