Monday, November 09, 2009

Sen. Mary Landrieu, First DINO Hall of Shame Inductee, Gets Target Landrieu Ad

Satan's mistress, Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, needs some mighty strong voodoo magic to break out of her demonic possession by wealthcare insurance company goblins. Seriously now, turning to the upcoming Senate vote on healthcare reform, out netroot friends at ActBlue need contributions to get this target Landrieu ad on the air:

"We’re not pulling punches. We need to turn up the pressure on any senator who might be a Turncoat Democrat who supports a Republican filibuster. It’s time to bring back our hard-hitting ad pressuring Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana to support a public option. If we raise $100,000 by Thursday, we can blanket the airwaves and turn up the pressure for Mary Landrieu back home before she decides how to vote in D.C."

Dovetailing nicely with this ad will be the first Keith Olbermann-sponsored free health clinic in Baton Rouge, La. November 14 to publicize the urgent need to pass healthcare reform with a public option. Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary's ears will be burning ... With all the negative buzz swirling around her, there's an excellent chance she'll flip back to her original position favoring a public option. Please contribute what you can here.

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