Sunday, November 08, 2009

Correction, but I'm still right

INN points out in a comment to my post below that most people on a military base don't have weapons on them, and as such, my conclusion isn't valid. He's right, of course, and I probably should have looked it up before posting (considering that any circumstance which could be envisioned wherein I set foot on a military base is one I never want to consider).

I have a couple of responses, and I'm mostly sad that my schadenfreude couldn't bring a positive to a horrible circumstance.

1) I'm still right that they're still wrong. That has been proven. Guns in the hands of ordinary people in that situation only lead to more people getting killed, not less.

2) If there was one MP in the building, he or she would still be more effective than virtually any non-combat trained person with any gun you'd care to mention.

3) One has to wonder if this guy would have gone on a murderous rampage if only the military wasn't filled with hate-filled bigots who can't seem to distinguish between a person of a particular ancestry who's chosen to put his life on the line for the same causes that you have and someone of that ancestry who is trying to kill you.


I'm Not Ned said...

Thanks Doc, and I agree 100% with all three points.

I'm an oddball when it comes to firearms. I own firearms. I believe they are a privilege that comes with great responsibility, not a right. I've taken safety courses and proficiency training in several types of firearms. I wish anyone looking to own a firearm would first be required to pass firearm safety and proficiency test prior to getting a permit to own a firearm. Yes, permit, as in "you are permitted" not "you have the right".

My arms and my ammo are locked in a 500lb. safe solely so they do not harm my family or anyone else if they were to fall into the hands of a criminal. Yes, that means I can't use them to "protect" my family and my family is much safer for it.

The spin the neocons are putting on this is despicable, un-American and an insult to our young men and women who have stepped up to serve our nation regardless of their ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

Carlos said...

Well said, Doc and INN. What I find most ludicrous about the firearms debate is the hysterical claim by wingnuts that liberals and the government want to take away their weapons. I think someone referred to this irrational fear as "clinging."

Their Constitutional protections do not impinge on the rights of governments -- local, state, and federal -- to enact reasonable gun regulations.

JimboW8 said...

INN, Thanks for pointing out (it hadn't occurred to me) the implication that the RIGHT to bear arms carries no responsibility like a privilege does. I think that is an issue that should be discussed more. I agree with you in not having a problem with weapons in general but feel/demand(?) they should be fully registered and owners should be trained and licensed.