Monday, November 24, 2008

No insurance? That's a Killer

In the October issue of Archives of Surgery, a study done by a John Hopkins trauma surgeon found that overall, uninsured patients were 50% more likely to die from their injuries than insured patients.

I find that to be an alarming statistic. So, now if you don't have insurance you #1) have to pay more if you go to the ER (because you don't get the I HAVE INSURANCE DISCOUNT) and #2) if you're a minority or don't have insurance at all, you possibly were pushed to the back of the emergency treatment line, or worse you received biased treatment that affected your overall health. So now you're not only dead, you have a hefty bill too.

I thought emergency care was the great equalizer in our health care system. According to this study, apparently not.

We need health care reform, and soon. I hope having Senator Tom Daschle as our new Secretary of Health and Human Services (I'm keeping my fingers crossed) is a step in the right direction towards health care accessibility for all in the coming years.


Peter said...

I'm amazed at how much misinformation there is out there on health care. How many times do you hear the stay where we are crowd say "we have the best health care in the world!" Bullshit. We're nowhere close. Or "I don't want socialized medicine." Fine. No one's talking about socialized medicine, we want single payor insurance. "But it will be so inefficient!" Love your insurance company. huh?

Rousing Rabble said...

Just ask any NEOCON, the European Union is SOOOO far behind us!!!

Lula O said...

My personal favorite is "You'll have to wait months and months for treatment." Like I don't do that now. It took 7 months to get in for a checkup last year. I could've been dead by then.

Lula O said...

Oh, and I've decided your female meter could be low on this site because of that scary ass picture you have in the corner. Hasn't anyone seen Hellraiser?? That movie still gives me nightmares.

He does look pensive, I'll give him that. He's probably thinking, "Where's my underwear?"

Peter said...

Our "mascot" was actually suggested to me by a 20-something female, a freshly-minted law school grad who was one of my staff writers (I have a "staff" of two). But she realized I was a pain in the ass to work for, and moved on, but she left us with "our guy."