Saturday, October 11, 2008

What's the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom?


The remarkable think about the various Palin scandals is that it shows her complete disregard for the need to separate public business from her personal affairs. From bilking the taxpayers on her at home per diems to flying her family around on the public dime to involving "the First Dude" in state business, Troopergate only caps off the obvious conclusion that this woman uses high office as her own personal fiefdom.

We've had a vice president doing that for the last eight years. In the name of God we can't afford another one.

You betcha.

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Bradley Bury said...

We're already hearing murmurs of the Troopergate (what a great f*cking name) scandal being a put up job by the Obama campaign....hmmm, if I remember correctly, the far right has been saying that Obama's been unable to accomplish anything in his career because his only job has been running for president. Amazing, then, that he was able to rig a non-partisan commission all the way up in Alaska.