Friday, October 10, 2008

Bummer of a day, Grampy

First of all, there's that glorious tape of McCain in a hall full of mouthbreathers, having to awkardly walk back from the racism and hatred he's fomented.

And then that little report comes out of Alaska tonight.



drmagoo said...

I saw that most of the lefty bloggers I read had commented on the Palin thing (including, now, us), and I was wondering how the right was responding. In the four places I went ... crickets.

schmidlap said...

I agree that that Palin report is delicious. But do you guys think it's going to move the national needle either way, or is this too much inside baseball for Retard America to digest?

I'm not sure.

Rousing Rabble said...

I think that the findings have ZERO effect on the needle. Palin was already toxic to anyone politically to the left of your garden variety brownshirted jackbooted thug. Those to the right will buy into the idea that the motive was acceptable (ala North and Poindexter). Retard America will yawn - no video!

Peter said...

I think it may have a marginal effect. See the Trib story today about working class women in Kokomo. Among the Hannity yahoos, no chance.