Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A few debate thoughts

I wish Obama would hit back on the whole $3 million projector earmark. The planetarium must have helped educate millions of children in math and science over the decades.

John McCain's education plan for college is that you can take out as many loans as you want. My sister has lots and lots of loans and will be paying them until she's past 65. That's a crappy plan.

John McCain wants unqualified teachers in schools.

I thought Obama was kind of flat for a lot of the debate, but McCain just looks creepy on those reaction shots.

Why do we care if nuclear power is safe? Go visit the area around Chernobyl, Senator McCain.

Women's "health" as a mocking issue?


Rousing Rabble said...

I was not particularly happy with Obama's reluctance to engage McCain on a level that would have challenged some of McCain's whoppers (i.e. the correlation of educational spending to standardized test scores) - but I understand that all Obama had to do was appear to be "presidential." He was. Unless there is a wholly unexpected "late-October surprise" this election essentially ended last night.

I'm Not Ned said...

Looks like this debate has changed McCain's game plan to the "Support Joe the Plumber" campaign.

How long until they link Joe "the plumber" Wurzelbacher with Robert "went to jail ala Keating Five" Wurzelbacher (also a Keating in-law).

Regardless I'd have to say Joe the Plumber is more qualified than Sarah the prom queen.