Monday, October 13, 2008

Breaking: Democrats as stupid as Republicans

Why, Rahm, why?

"Rep. Tim Mahoney, D-Fla., finds himself in some seriously hot water today. ABC News’ investigative team is reporting that Mahoney paid $121,000 in a settlement with a former mistress he fired from his congressional staff. And that’s only the beginning.
ABC reports:

Senior Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives, including Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL), the chair of the Democratic Caucus, have been working with Mahoney to keep the matter from hurting his re-election campaign, Mahoney staffers said."

Don't we know that any hint of doing this sort of coverup crap pisses the country off and might be just what the GOP is looking for to stem the tide a bit and prevent us from getting more of them the hell away from our government? On the other hand, if the Democrats are going to coverup things the same way that Republicans do, does it really matter?

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Peter said...

Maybe it's the water there. That was Mark Foley's old "seat"...