Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Right and Senator Toe Tappy

I have been amazed to read and hear the responses of the right-wing blowholes to the embarrassing and way too damned funny story of our favorite creepy senator. They definitely had the talking points down, even though they were complete bull. Every damned one of them said the same ridiculous thing--those honorable Republicans drum the disgraced out of the corps, while Democrats embrace them.

They cite--Gerry Studds? First of all, he's dead now, and his alleged wrongdoing took place before 1983. Going back a quarter century to find a member of Congress who acted improperly as a person in a position of responsibility but committed no crime? I am NOT defending what Rep. Studds did, (as the parent of a 16-year old the "legal" distinction isn't all that comforting) but if that's the best you've got...

And then Barney Frank, for something someone did WHILE HE WASN'T HOME. Frank was reprimanded by the House, but that was it. I seem to remember the GOP-controlled House changing its rules to allow a criminal like Tom Delay to stay in his leadership position. It is so pathetic. And of course, try and get through an hour of right wing talk and not hear "CLINTON!"

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