Monday, August 27, 2007

...Another one bites the dust

Alberto Gonzales...gone.

First Turd Blossom, now Torture Boy. Is there no one else who will stand with the king until his last days? We know Tony Snow won't - after all, he only makes $168,000 per year, and that's barely a living wage.

The reports are that they'll nominate Michael "Hurricanes? Who cares about hurricanes - I only manage national disasters, and if no brown people are carrying bombs, it's not a disaster" Chertoff to replace him. I can only hope that the Dems grow a spine for that confirmation hearing.

Update: As usual, Glenn Greenwald has an excellent take on the situation.


schmidlap said...

Do we know if Chimpster can make a recess appointment for AG? Or does he have to have Senate confirmation on this one?

schmidlap said...

Answering my own question: yes he can according to Kagro X @ dkos.

But there is chatter about some "back door" agreement made with Reid so he allegedly won't do it.

Hey, he's demonstrated so much trustworthiness in the past, right? OK.

drmagoo said...

Apparently, he can, although there is supposedly a "deal" he made with Reid that he wouldn't make any recess appointments this break - the Dems had a plan that would have kept some people in DC the whole time and prevented it. So far, Bush has been good, but I don't know if he'll stay that way.

Bradley Bury said...

Not many thing will cause me to pump my fist in the air, exclaiming "YES!", but the departure of Gal-berto Dishonezt is one of them. Today is looking to like it's gonna be one fuckin' great day!