Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Dumbass Hall of Fame

We have two inductees this time.

The first is Mr. Michael Sanderman of Chicago. Mikey, holding his crayon firmly and mouthing the words as he scribbles, gave us this
Here are just a few thoughts concerning all those cigarette taxes that everybody likes except for smokers. Among the many ideals our forefathers fought and died for was the abolishment of unfair taxation. The Boston Tea Party might be the best example of this. Have all those ideals become just pretty words on a pretty piece of paper? Where has everyone’s sense of fair play gone? Where have all the lawyer do-gooders gone? Where have all those tax dollars gone? How could anyone in his or her wildest imagination think that the cigarette tax is a fair tax?
Wow, where to begin.

Mikey, let's start with your patently obvious ignorance of American history. The American Revolution did not spring from any desire to "abolish unfair taxation." While "no taxation without representation" was a common shibboleth, what concern there was about taxation sprung from the issue about WHO should be the taxing body (Parliament or colonial assemblies), not the particular taxes themselves. Beyond that, the taxation issue was really just that, a shibboleth, a pithy slogan designed to appeal to the masses. General warrants, allowing unlimited searches, were far more offensive than taxes. So Mikey, please spare us the history "lesson."

And "unfair?" How? Taxes have been used to shape policy going back even before the days of the tariff. How are cigarette taxes possibly unfair?

But Mikey is a mere piker compared to the
incredibly dimwitted Susan J. Venecek of Elkhorn, Wisconsin:
I am a Republican and I am not pro-war. The candidates are not "pro-war." Republicans, however, do realize that there are things worth fighting for. They realize right now that we are in the fight of our lives and it's going to last for a long while. Possibly if this had been realized during the administration of the sex-crazed buffoon, Bill Clinton, we wouldn't be in the position we are right now. Mr. Dugan simply exhibits the usual liberal stupidity and ignorance. Not to mention the general slack-jawed "I don't get it" liberal idiocy.
So many talking points, so little time....

Let's dismiss the "Blame Bill Clinton" nonsense as not even worthy of comment. But "things worth fighting for?" Propping up a Shi'a regime with no popular support or perception of legitimacy? Taking different sides in different locales in the midst of a sectarian civil war? And how is this the "fight of our lives?"

So, Mikey, Little Suzie:

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