Friday, July 13, 2007

Which headline do you think the media will focus on?

And which one is more relevant to most of us?

Dow tops 13,900

Retail sales take sharp plunge in June


schmidlap said...

Oooh, I know the answer! Call on me!

Actually, the other thing they won't report on is the effect one news story will have on the other over time...I'll leave determination of which is which as an exercise for the reader.

I'm Not Ned said...

Hmm, 13,900 you say? That's it?

Ignore the "New Record!" hype and consider this...

Since Curious George took office the Dow Index has grown at a rate of less than 5% per year.

Party time!

The historic average including the Great Depression, the stock market crash, the war to end all wars, the 70's fuel crisis, WWII, the Vietnam War, Korean military thingy, savings and loan collapse AND September the 11 comes out at just over 10%.

Thanks George.