Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Vicar of Christ

I generally do not get too worked up about things theological, but lately, Der Popenfuhrer has really been pissing me off.

I have long had many quarrels with the church of Rome, and have proffered my sage advice on many an occasion:

1) Lose the dresses, start wearing pants;
2) Stop making shit up and
3) Leave the altar boys alone (does a
headline like "L.A. Archdiocese to settle suits for $600 million" make you want to toss some change in the plate??)

But the pope has been on a tear lately. He seems to want to reject the progress (and in terms of this institution that still is angry about Galileo, "progress" is a very relative thing), as he embraces the Latin mass. You know, the one that asks the faithful to
pray for the conversion of Jews. Let us pray also for the Jews that the Lord our God may take the veil from their hearts and that they also may acknowledge our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us pray: Almighty and everlasting God, you do not refuse your mercy even to the Jews; hear the prayers which we offer for the blindness of that people so that they may acknowledge the light of your truth, which is Christ, and be delivered from their darkness.
Thanks for that, I'm sure they are thrilled.

And then he does his "one true church" bit, where we poor Protestants "cannot be called ‘churches’ in the proper sense.” I guess I should say thanks there, Benny, you've cleared out some Sunday mornings for me.

I just have one quick question. Jesus preached of humbling yourself, of giving your coat to one who has none, and cautioning the rich about heaven and needle's eyes and camels, etc. How would an itinerant penniless prophet feel about


Yeah, that is ministering as the vicar of Christ. I see a bunch of camels getting stuck in one nasty needle eye...


Life Hiker said...

Many U.S. Roman Catholics see this pope's actions as ridiculous.

Garry Wills, for example, writes that if Jesus came back to earth today, he'd look at the pope and his crew and say something like "Hey, this is nothing like what I had in mind!"

No wonder George Bush was so taken by Pope Benedict. They share the same concept of absolute authority and contempt for the progress of their institutions, which they are destroying.

I'm Not Ned said...

Now that's just hilarious!

"One true church", yeah, right.

Read the Bible and try to keep a straight face while visiting the Vatican. The Pope is to Chistianity as Ken Lay is to the Green Party.

schmidlap said...

The sad part is that the progress that has been so hard earned by enlightened Catholics over so many generations is being undone so quickly.

This guy is going to set the church back hundreds of years, and it will take decades to regain what he's pissing away.

(Hey, does this sound familiar?)