Thursday, December 28, 2006

Insert your own caption here, redux


Anonymous said...

Those guys on the outside should be ashamed of what they made of the opportunities given to them by Gerald Ford. Look at the picture in the Woodward story (link below), and ask yourself- who'd you rather be in the middle of these 2 chumps right now?

As a native of michigan, I feel my very first blush of pride in Gerald Ford, mostly for wailing on W in a parting interview. He described Cheney as "pugnacious" and twisted the knife by doing it classy (well, dead).

Thanks, Mr. Woodward, good good stuff.

Ford Disagreed With Bush About Invading Iraq

By Bob Woodward

I'm Not Ned said...

Those are the three Arch-chimps: Hear evil, speak evil and see evil.

Anonymous said...

Cheney: "I suppose this memo of another character assassination of my enemy is in order..."

Bush: "What's that awful smell?"

Rummy: "I think I poopeed in my pants!"