Friday, December 29, 2006

Blood for blood

So, Saddam Hussein is dead. I will shed no tears for his passing. He truly committed acts of great violence and malice, and the harm he caused will be felt for decades to come. Nor will I rejoice. His death, however just one may deem it, will not save lives, nor will it bring to an end any sooner the violence and destruction in his former country. That there are those, including, I am sure, our supposed leader, who will feel glee and celebrate this moment, is sad, and speaks ill of us as people.

Punishment may have come, certainly too late, to one man. To a country, to millions of lives, to a world where hatred and anger are given nourishment by far too many for far too many reasons, justice is still nowhere to be found. Our nation's part in the brutal decay of another will be written in the history books for our children to read. This death will be no more than a clause in a sentence. Our shame is burned into our very core and is written in rivers of blood for all to see.

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