Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hang in there...

"When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully."
Dr. Samuel Johnson

So Saddam is to die by hanging.Regardless of how one feels about the death penalty, the execution of this sentence under these circumstances in a horrible idea. The execution would take place under the authority of a government viewed by many Iraqis and observers throughout the world as a failed American stunt devoid of legitimacy, following a trial that didn't even rise to the level of a sham. Iraq right now is this:

An execution would be this:

Turn him over to the Hague, hold a trial with full due process and let any sentence be carried out under the auspices of international law.

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ZinfandelFan said...

And here's my greatest fear about thie whole damn thing:

It'll be shown on American television. If not live (because it'd look REALLY conciliatory if they timed it to be in synch with American prime time), it'll be tape delayed.

Of course, The Decider will probably be watching live with a bowl of pretzels and a beer and more than a few of his PNAC compatriots.

If we can't show Janet Jackson's boob; if broadcasters have been so neutered that anything seemingly against the moral code of the Neocon Right will lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties, what message will we send if this can be broadcast for all the populous to see?

The correct minded should agree with Pete; we've created a made-for-TV kangaroo court to convict him. I'm pretty sure that in America if a defendants legal team was being picked off like fish in a barrel that the trial would've been started over, delayed or certainly been given a change of venue. The fact that they solidered on (deliberate choice of verbs) speaks volumes to the coherent around the world that the outcome was predetermined from the second they found him in the foxhole.

Bolshevik. Pure bolshevik (alternative word to fecal production of a male cow).