Monday, October 01, 2012

Too Many "Resets" Point To A Faulty CPU

CHRIS CHRISTIE, QUITE LITERALLY THE BIG ELEPHANT IN THE GOP ROOM, said Wednesday's presidential debate is an opportunity for Mitt Romney to "hit the reset button," predicting a gamechanger for Mitt and 'Morning in America' on Thursday. Hmm ... by my count this is at least the fourth "reset" following Iowa-New Hampshire, Santorum-Gingrich, Etch-A-Sketch, and a string of devastating hits, from 47% to loose lips Annie, leading up to the debate.

Gov. Christie, it seems to me, is doing his emotionally fragile charge no favors with the extra trash talkin' performance pressure. When Ann Romney expressed concern for the RomBot's "mental well-being" that's usually an indication that a ROBOT's Central Processing Unit may be terminally fried. Not that the American people would be comfortable with the RomBot picking up that 3:00 AM call, in the first place ... Would we?!

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