Monday, October 01, 2012

Kudos To Martin Bashir — Big FAIL To His Sellout Colleagues

FOR UPHOLDING THE BRITISH PRESS TRADITION of being a primary source for learning what's going on in American politics. Despite the virtual MSM Media news blackout and, I believe, corporate owner threats of repercussions for 'going down this road', Martin led his show with the Ann Romney statement of concern for her husband's "mental well-being."

It's a simple thing for Martin: It's newsworthy; so he asked all the relevant questions of his guests. Curiously, there was a lot of dodging, even for Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, who doesn't usually avert such issues, and even more reticence from the other guests. Nothing Martin could do about it.

Meanwhile, the total news blackout of Ann Romney's statement was complete in all the programming surrounding Martin's — a stark, outrageous demonstration of American Media self-censorship in action. One doesn't have to wear a tinfoil hat to know this isn't a mere coincidence of free, unrestricted editorial judgment. Tamron Hall, for instance, who's become an unwatchable tool, spent more wasted time with her wingnut pet from Iowa than covering issues of interest to progressives. Thom Hartmann was "astounded" the Media hasn't covered this story. Remember the 3:00 AM phone call ad? That was one presidential cycle ago, and Ann Romney's statement spoke directly to those concerns.

Memo To Hardball's Chris Matthews (as Dean of the MSNBC corporate vassalage): You ought to take a page from your colleague Martin Bashir — it's the one that speaks to journalistic integrity, no matter the  consequences or corporate owner displeasure. And Chris, how many "dictators" have you known to be locked in a "close election" or distributed cheap heating oil to poor Americans, a magnanimous gesture considering CIA attempts to depose him? So you discover your inner progressive only to project your Goldwater Neanderthal virus south of the border? That's not how it works, pal.

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