Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Hampshire Primary Day: Can Anyone Slow The Mittens?

Hunkered down in heavily armed bunkers throughout the land, wingnuts sweat bullets as they ponder the question. It's a simple proposition: To keep New Hampshire from being a springboard to the nomination, Mittens must be held to single digits. Steady-state Paulie the nutball is doing his "thing" hovering around 20%. Is there a Hunts-mentum in the horizon? Rachel thinks so, but we know all about her flights of fancy. On the other hand, THE moment of Sunday's debate was Huntsman's comebacker at Mittens, with Newt's "stop with the pious baloney" a close second.

 The problem with Huntsman is he's as unexciting as Santorum is a crazy "Big Government conservative" — Newt, the Democrats' walking talking point nailed him hoping to vault to a third-place finish. They came, they saw, they barfed over Santorum. The prediction here is 'Googles' Santorum places no higher than fourth. Bunkerville wingnuts are no doubt heartened that one of their own became Newt's SuperPac  $5 million Sugar Daddy. Isn't it ironic that Newt can rightly claim his solo contributor is not concealed?

Meanwhile Mittens 'the vulture capitalist' colors our 1902 Republican robber baron world:

... Gives Democrats another sound bite Ouch! ad:

And Democratic volunteers distribute "PINK SLIP Termination of Candidacy" at Romney events:

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