Friday, January 13, 2012

How Annoying Is Dylan Ratigan ...?!

More and more Dylan Ratigan reminds me of the Howard Beale (Peter Finch) character on Network. The man can't STFU, filibusters like a politician, and insists on his sophistic everybody-does-it "behavior" analysis. No Dylan, not everybody behaves that way, and until you start naming names and pointing fingers you're nowhere with progressives. Finger the villains, Dylan, the REPUBLICANS and the RIGHT WING, then we'll get somewhere.

To badmouth Dodd-Frank because it isn't perfect is ridiculous sophistry which plays into the Republicans' hands having vowed, repeatedly, to repeal it. As Alex Wagner asked, 'if it's so bad, why are the Republicans trying so hard to get rid of it'? *CRICKETS*. And badmouthing the President (you hate him, Dylan, admit it, you can't be objective about the President) on jobs, or as Alex manages to get a word in edgewise, "you've got to start somewhere" — *CRICKETS* — and, in fact, more jobs were created in Obama's first term than George W. Bush's entire eight years.

Ratigan's fondness for the racist Ron Paul and his reactionary brother Tom Coburn is delusional. Handing control of the Big Three — Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid — to these wingnuts would be tantamount to killing these bedrock Democratic programs. Ratigan is a "conservative" ideological basket case that no amount of Deepak Chopra-isms can cure. Here's some advice, Dylan, for what it's worth:
2. STFU already, and stop playing us for fools. Name names and point the finger at the real villains; what do you expect, I ask again — for Democrats to unilaterally disarm? Not gonna happen, and thank your oracle for it. The only one-party state that can solve this problem is filibuster-proof DEMOCRATIC control of all three branches of government, public financing of elections, and a progressive SCOTUS majority, appointed by a DEMOCRATIC president that will overturn Citizens United. Everything else IS BULLSHIT.
3. Bring back the lovelies ... where's Karen Finney?
4. Go on that diet, though the Magical Mystery Jobs Tour will probably add more to your girth. The oversized ties give you a disturbing Donald Trump look; and
5. Listen to your buddy, Martin Bashir. I think he wants to help, if you'll let him.
Bang that gong, Alex.

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