Sunday, December 11, 2011

SNL Trumps Trump And Lampoons The Reverend Al ...

Darrell Hammond does the Donald to perfection, keying on Trump's clownish superciliousness, just as he did a pitch-perfect manic Chris Matthews highlighting the Philly accent (ever hilarious now — hint hint, Darrell? — with his pronunciation of "Gingrich") and trademark "HA!"
(Note: Turn autoplay "off" or refresh when video ends; these Hulu vids are annoying that way.)

Now that Herman Cain has departed the political scene, there's the Reverend Al to enrich Kenan Thompson's cast of characters. It's not really fair to the newbie TV host Rev to play up the wrong camera thing — I tried to help, writing in this blog, "Hey Rev, the camera's over here." — but it's a good impression overall. Kenan might want to include a couple of halting "UHs" every so often ...

And ROBYN ... she's SOOO 1980s! Sexy, cool and TOTALLY adorable:

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