Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fake 'Progressive' Channel Watch: Dylan "STRETCH" Ratigan At it Again

Dylan Ratigan's sophistry: "This bill (with payroll tax cut extension, unemployment benefits) is being held hostage, in this case (gagging) by a faction of the Republicans (for including a rider to expedite approval of the controversial Keystone oil pipeline, which President Obama has already said he will veto) — Democrats do it too, by the way."

NO.THEY.DON’T. Prove it EMPIRICALLY, Dylan. And please, don’t give us Ben Nelson or Mary Landrieu. Progressives and liberals vehemently criticized them too. As we have the President when he cozied up to these JACKAL Republicans, giving up too much of our priorities. Show us, Dylan, where Democrats have filibustered needed, progressive legislation (PASSED BY DEMOCRATS) like the MASSIVE, historic obstructionism of these Republicans.

You can’t, pal. Do you really think we’re that stupid, Dylan? Good on Martin for pegging the nickname “Stretch” on you. Shows what a nice, decent guy he is, pulling his punches.

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