Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ron Paul Unleashed, Circa 1988

What's hilariously illuminating about Ron Paul's appearance more than 22 years ago on the Morton Downey Show — Downey literally smoked himself to death after removing one diseased lung — is that (1) Paul was having a screaming argument with a bunch of wingnuts like Lisa Sliwa of the "Guardian Angels," (2) his manic, smoldering libertarian passions show why establishment Republicans are terrified of him, and (3) he was running for president in 1988! This guy's been running for president practically his entire adult life. It's also amazing to see, and more than a little disheartening, how little such lowbrow TV screamfests have "evolved" over the decades. This one's totally worthy of Jerry Springer. But where were the fisticuffs? I'll bet Ron Paul has a pretty good right hook. Ah well ...

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